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“I’d like to thank my art director.”

Back in February Paul Gonzales of The LA Times contacted me with an amazing job: 6 covers for the Calendar section to run on Academy Awards Sunday. The pictures would alternate randomly so readers would get a different cover depending on which copy they received. Above is the mockup the art director created  using images he found online. I love it!

Here are a couple of the sketches. The idea was to show a day in the life of a starlet as she experiences Oscar Sunday, from preparation at home to the red carpet, ceremony, winning the Oscar and after-party.


Paul was delightful to work with and I proceeded to final art with a few minor changes. I like to do very tight sketches so there are no surprises when the client gets the final art.

All 6 in the series were shown on an inside page of the section like so. Thanks Paul, for an awesome assignment!

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