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Inspired by “After Dark”

I inherited a nearly complete collection of After Dark magazines. Subtitled “The Magazine of Entertainment” AD was a terribly sophisticated monthly look at North American theatre, dance, movies, fashion and art from a decidedly gay point of view. It lasted from the late 60s to the early 80s and is a poignant window into the pre-AIDS era. I’ve been doing some new work inspired by AD images.

From a fashion editorial: someone please bring back the jumpsuit? I’m not kidding!  I’ve recently re-discovered the magic of the pencil. For years I’ve been doing all my sketches and final art with a felt pen, so a good old HB feels like a new world opening up.

Here’s a portrait of Wayne (later Jayne) County from a piece on the then-new punk phenomenon.

This one is a detail taken from a much larger picture of the Village People hanging out with some French chorines. Something is emerging out of all this, a show? a book? who knows? In any case, I’m having tons o’ fun! Thanks to my dear friend Bruce Jones, for passing along your collection, you’ve created a monster!

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