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Black, White and Rose – New Gouaches

I’m head over heels for Winsor and Newton gouache paints!! The last few weeks I’ve been messing around with them and here are some of the results. Above is a portrait of Fleur Cowles from a 2003 piece in the NY Times magazine. The Balenciaga dress is the same she wore to Elizabeth the Second’s coronation in 1952!

Balenciaga happens to be another obsession. I especially love his late work from the ’60s – modernity steeped in historicism.

Another obsession is the work of photographer Slim Aarons. The 2 volumes of his work documenting the very rich and famous published by Abrams are a constant source of¬†inspiration. This portrait of Helena Rubenstein with husband Prince Archil Gourielli is drawn from 2003’s “Once Upon a Time”.

The de Young sisters at the de Young Memorial Museum in San Francisco, also from an Aarons photograph.

Another tool I’ve been using is a brush-tip pen from Pentel. Love the dry look you get when you write stuff with it very quickly!

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