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My House!

These are some pictures I took of my Island home before I packed everything up. The house, really a one bedroom cottage, is undergoing a much needed facelift/reno. The interior will probably be very different after my longtime boyfriend moves in.

So much kitschy goodness to be melded with my honey’s stuff.

The Fornasetti-inspired mural above right is a from a book of  engravings of Baroque theatre designs which I blew up on the computer and printed out on 11 x 17 sheets and arranged on a sort of archway wall in the living room.

Chinoiserie is definitely a theme chez nous. I love the whole idea of Europeans who never left the continent creating a purely fictitious China of the imagination! The inspiration boards above left hang above my work table. I find them so challenging to arrange, they usually stay the same for years at a time. Thanks for visiting! Can’t wait to show off the new place!!

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