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Here is an old drawing from Fabulous Babes, a zine I created with Fiona Smyth and Roxanna Bikadoroff, that ran for 3 issues in the late 80s. I thought of this as I recently purchased Blondie’s “Parallel Lines” on CD because my LP version finally got too scratchy to endure anymore. I realized this drawing is a tribute to and inspired by the great song, “Sunday Girl,” itself a tribute to girl groups like the Shirelles. Anyway, I hadn’t been to the HMV store on Yonge St. in Toronto for a couple of weeks and was shocked to see it undergoing more humiliating changes: the first 2 floors are now devoted to DVDs and weirdly, books, whilst music of any kind is increasingly relegated to the dusty upper floors. The always be-suited, avuncular Classical Music manager looked more haggard than usual as his section has now been folded into the Jazz section – Jazz winning out as the soundtrack for the floor. I suppose it’s time to catch up with the late 20th century and get an iPod. I’m still one of those people who was trained to think of Pop Music in terms of entire albums rather than songs. (I still haven’t got used to the missing side breaks on CDs.) Ah well, time to get to the drawing table and make something NEW!

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