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Big Mouth Strikes Again

Last spring, the gorgeous and talented Mariko Tamaki invited me to contribute a piece to the online arts journal “No More Potlucks,” which she was guest editing. The theme for the issue was ‘Mea Culpa.’ This intrigued me and I immediately thought I’d like to create a comic strip, something I hadn’t done in more than 10 years! I think the 2-page story shown above  pretty much speaks for itself. I must thank my boyfriend Gordon for his keen eye and invaluable insight. About 2 thirds finished with the draft and having some difficulties, I showed him what I had. Within seconds, he pointed out the key problems and told me what I needed to focus on in my thoughts and writing. This involved some serious rewriting but after some initial hair-tearing and gnashing of teeth, I had to admit he was right and the story is vastly improved as a result. 

Thanks m-c and Mariko for the opportunity! Thanks to you I’ve begun to think about comics again and there are more in the works…

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