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Monthly Archives: December 2012

More Christmas Cards!!

More Christmas cards: like the holiday promotional mailers below, these were all inspired by the Albert Racinet book, “The Historical Encyclopedia of Costume.”

Christmas Cards 2012!

This past weekend I cranked up CBC 2 and painted these gouache on coloured paper Christmas cards for colleagues and family. Saturday was Aida, live from the Met and Sunday was the all-day Christmas concert from countries across Europe: the perfect soundtrack for making these pictures! I had so much fun! Happy Holidays, y’all. I’ll […]

Happy New Year!

This is the third promotional mailer I did with Reactor for the 2012 holiday season: gouache on coloured paper with some different coloured paper elements glued on. This one was inspired by my recent trip to Japan. Tokyo is populated by what, to western eyes at least, seem to be gigantic crows. Each morning you […]

Happy Holiday!

The second in a series of mailers I did with my reps.

Season’s Greeting!

Here’s a Christmas-not-Christmas card from me! This year I decided to choose the entirely unrelated theme of “Far Off Lands” for a seasonal promotional email. I drew inspiration from Albert Racinet’s Historical Encyclopedia of Costumes. The piece was done in gouache and coloured pencil on coloured paper. I made a very quick sketch and, because […]


I recently returned from a trip to the style-obsessed, ultra-futuristic, mega-meta-tronic city of Tokyo! That dynamic duo, Chris Butcher and Peter Birkemoe of The Beguiling book store here in Toronto organized the trip for a motley crew of Canadian artists to attend the Kaigai Comics Festival at Tokyo Big Site, a monolithic convention centre straight out […]