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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Happy Pride Week!

An old commission from Out magazine. My original sketch had a guy dressed as Christ as the central character. This made the editors a little nervous for some reason so it was changed to the cowgirl. The Christ was inspired by a memory from my first trip to San Francisco in 1990 to attend a […]

The Lunch Break of the Gods in Valhalla

More Wallpaper: A group portrait of Conde Nast editors outside the new building at 4 Times Square. From left to right, Polly Mellen, Anna Wintour, James Truman, Andre Leon Talley, Hamish Bowles and the then editor of Details, whose name the Interweb was seemingly unable to yield. I recall Anna bought the original as a […]

Wicker Park Illustration for Wallpaper

In preparation for upcoming construction I’ve been going through the attic and sorting through 20 years of accumulation. Ack! Here is an illustration from an old issue of Wallpaper I found touting the Wicker Park area of Chicago as a chic place to live. My little in-joke: The postman is the father of the baby!

More Pink and Blue!

One of my favourite blogs is called MattAdore. It’s a very carefully “curated” collection of Hollywood movie star photos, vintage illustrations, comic book panels and the occasional beefcake hunk. What I love about this picture-blog is how the creator chooses each picture to relate in some way to the ones before and after, creating a […]

Fashion Cares 2003

More stuff from the archives; In 2003 my friend Phillip Ng invited me to design body makeup for a model at Fashion Cares, the giant Toronto AIDS fundraising extravaganza. The theme was Casino Night, so I came up with a sort of  Harlequin character, using the patterns on the back of playing cards for inspiration. […]

Miss Manners, 1986

I found this tear sheet the other day going through tottering piles of old magazines, must be like my third job or something. When did I abandon the idea of word-balloons in illustration? My first appearance on a contributors page, EGAD!