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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Project 31

This Thursday, March 31 (tomorrow evening), OCAD University presents Project 31, an auction featuring 31 pieces of art by OCAD faculty. Guess what? I’m one of the artists! Looking at the catalogue, I feel honoured to be associated with so many artists I admire, such as Fiona Smyth, Cathy Daley, Rae Johnson, John Scott, Blair […]


Got back from Los Angeles last night. I had a booth at the Tom of Finland Foundation Erotic Art Fair on Saturday and Sunday. I was feelin’ a little poorly on the trip so didn’t see as much of the city as I’d have liked this time. A definite highlight, however, was a visit to […]


Another treasure from the files: Around 2006 Peggy Burns, publicist for Drawn & Quarterly asked the divine Beverly Sills to write a blurb for my book, “A Nut At The Opera.” This was her response which Peggy kindly passed along to me. At the time I thought, hmm, in the time it took to write […]

Homage/Apologies to Caspar David Friedrich

Ack! Tax time! The only good thing about it is the stuff you find going through teetering piles of neglected paper. Here is a worn photocopy of the invitation I made with Reactor for the retrospective show of my work that accompanied my “Vellevision” book launch in 1997. Always liked this one. The original belongs […]

Lola’s “Advice to the Lovelorn From the Classics”

I just bought R. Sikoryak’s “Masterpiece Comics” (D&Q, 2009) and have been giggling away at the cleverness of the concept and the impeccable styles he has mastered in each section. If you don’t know the book, it’s a parody of the old “Classic Illustrated” comics, which presented great works of literature in condensed comic form. […]