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The Many Faces of Glenn P.

Last August, Justin Young of Profis Communications, a close friend of George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, founders of the very chic international interior design firm Yabu Pushelberg, wanted to know if I’d be interested in creating some sort of unique gift for Glenn on his approaching significant birthday. I’d been aware of and fans of […]

Anxiety of Influence

Good old Vincent Price has been featured all this month on Turner Classic Movies, bringing back fond memories. The Roger Corman/Edgar Allan Poe movies were a staple of my childhood TV viewing. I remember with a particular thrill a full week of these on WGRZ Buffalo’s 4:00 p.m. “Money Movie”, hosted by Barry Lillis. “The Masque […]

The Criterion Collection : La Cage Aux Folles

Well I nearly fell off my chair when I received an email from art director Eric Skillman from The Criterion Collection, asking if I’d be interested in creating artwork for their release of  Edouard Molinaro’s 1978 film, “La Cage Aux Folles”! I’d never actually seen the film. As a young, queer, rep cinema-obsessed film snob, […]

York University Pride 2013

My friend Suzanne Carte of the York University Gallery commissioned this image for Toronto Pride 2013, this year’s theme being Super Queer. It was applied to various swag, like this fan for example. The central figures were blown up and used as cutouts on the float and at the York U booth on Church Street. […]

My Three Parents

I had a great time at TCAF this year! When it was all over at 5:00 Sunday afternoon, a big round of applause went up on our floor. This is the first time I can remember that this happened, and for some reason I got a little verklempt. I guess the magnitude of the event […]

Building a Poster: TCAF 2013

I was so incredibly honoured to be asked by Chris and Peter from The Beguiling to create a poster for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival’s 10th anniversary year! (I lobbied pretty hard too, I should add.) I certainly festered and obsessed myself into a tizzy over this baby. This, the final version, was scanned and […]

11th Anniversary

Last week me and my fella celebrated 11 years of martial, I mean marital bliss! (“Martial bliss” was a joke of my old friend Paul’s father George Baker. Oh, and we’re not married) So-so dinner at Gabardine on Bay Street mitigated by great martinis and plenty of wine. Here are the reference pictures I used. […]

The Walrus, April 2013

Paul Kim, Senior Designer at The Walrus asked me to create this image for a review of Anne Carson’s book “Red Doc” by Sarah Liss. The book is a poetic take on the relationship between Hercules and the mythological monster Geryon, updated  to the present day and re-imagined as a torturous gay love story. Paul […]

World Pride Mascots

Last autumn, the Toronto Pride Committee asked me to come up with costume designs for some mascots they were considering creating for the World Pride festivities coming to town in 2014. There were to be 4 designs for typically Canuck animals representing various types in the LGBT community. I offered variations on a couple of […]

In Toronto February 2013 Cover.

Here is the new cover of In Toronto Magazine celebrating, of course, Valentine’s Day and Black History Month. I made this with Doctor Martin’s dyes and Pentel’s ink brush pen on blue paper. The clouds are paper cutouts. (Full disclosure: my partner, Gordon Bowness, is the editor – thanks for the fun assignment, darlin’!)